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Shelton, Admx. of Abner C., etc. v. Royall, Francis L., etc.: Chancery Cause, Halifax County (Part 1 of 6)

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2 that notwithstanding such allegations of said bill & proof in support thereof, that by subsequent to said payment, the said Frances L. Royall Eliza M Shelton & William Royall, had had a settlement of this matter in full, and that no such claim had been brought in by the said Eliza M Shelton against him in said settlement for money advanced him or her account by Wm Royall; or if any such claim was made it was settled and allowed between them at the time. Your complainents beg leave to state that after the death of A. C. Shelton your Oratrix E. M. Shelten as adm'r. of A. C. Shelton, Wm Royall, & F. L. Royall, who had contributed in the life of A. C.Shelton in partnership trading in negro slaves settled up the partnership, or that it was done by F. L. Royall & Wm. Royall who was her brother in their own way, and without her knowing or understanding any thing about it. She never saw or examined any of the papers nor did she examine a single entry or item, having full confidence in her brother- When her said brother reported to her the state of the matter of partnership between them & her deceased husband it was only to sign a Rec't for $2233.75cts, and also for 209 dollars refunded a paymt that had been made towards a house [Slave?] & at the same time a Rect. was given by F. L. Royall to Wm. Royall for his share of said Partnership amounting to $3784.47cts copies of which two Rects. are herewith filed marked Ax & Bx [illegible] settlement was right or what it embraced your complainants 3 do not know & can not say, never having seen it if indeed it was committed to paper. Your complainents suppose that F. L. Royall has it or a copy, & call upon him to produce it or state what has become of it. This settlement was made on the 1st day of March 1836 shortly after the death of A. C. Shelton. Although your complainent E. M. Bennett executed the receiipt aforesaid, at the insistence of her brothers, no money at all was rec'd. from either of them. One of the agents of the partnership had paid her 200$. The balance of the money for which the rect was given by E. M. Bennett except 215$ for which she can in no way account, was left in the hands of the said F. L. Royall & Wm. Royall under a contract of partnership which she was persuaded & induced to enter into by her brothers to continue the trade in negros as before an original of which articles of partnership is herewith filed as a part of this bill marked Cx. This Partnership was a new continuation of the business heretofore transacted by her intestate & the deft. Wm & F. L. Royall with the funds of the estate & your oratrix considers it is carried on for the benefit of the estate or in her character as adm'x. Your oratrix insists that the pretended settlement mentioned by F. L. Royall in which he claims that the monies accc'd to him or advanced to him for the benefit of Sheltons Estate were brought in was made before any of the payments made to him on her account as Adm'x & to be applied to her benefit, That the settlement if any was on the 1st day of March 1836.