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Shelton, Admx. of Abner C., etc. v. Royall, Francis L., etc.: Chancery Cause, Halifax County (Part 6 of 6)

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Bennett & wife } vs } Exceptions to answer of deft F S Royall to the Royall &c } Amended Bill

The pltfs except to the answer of the deft F S Royall on the following grounds. 1st The said answer was not sworn to when filed. 2nd Because though required to state the particular amounts of money received by him for the female pltf. & the date of their reception, he does not state the amounts, nor does he give any reason for not stating them. 3rd Because though it is charged that he received money, at his own request, for the express purpose of paying off the debt secured by the deed of trust in the bill mentioned. yet he does not answer whether not any money was received by him with this understanding — 4th Because he does not answer the interrogatories propounded in the bill requiring him to say whether the letters filed by the pltf purporting to be written by him are written by him. 5th Because he does not state under what portence [portance] the money of the female pltf was drawn by him from her brother William Royall - & under what authority — and how he has used and applied the same. 5 April 1851. Treadway L. Green for Compl.