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Fairfax Resolves

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(8) of the British Colonies on this Continent. And we take this Opportunity of declaring our most earnest wishes, to see an entire stop forever put to such a wicked, cruel & unnatural Trade.

18th. Resolved, that no kind of Lumber should be exported from this Colony to the West Indies, untill America be restored to her constitutional rights and liberties, If the other Colonies will accede to a like resolution; and that it be recommended to the General Congress, to appoint as early a day as possible for stoping such export.

19th. Resolved, That it is the Opinion of this meeting if American Greivances be not redressed, before the first day of November, one thousand seven hundred & seventy five, That all Exports of produce from the several Colonies to Great Britain should cease; and to carry the said Resolution more effectually into Execution, that we will not plant or cultivate any Tobacco after the crop now growing, provided the same measure shall be adopted, by the other Colonies on this Continent, as well those who have heretofore made Tobacco; as those who have not. and it is our opinion also, If the Congress of Deputies from the several Colonies, shall adopt the measure of non Exportation to Great Britain, as the people will be thereby disabled from paying their Debts, that no Judgment should be rendered by the Courts in the said Colonies, for any Debt, after Information of the said Measures being determined upon.

20th. Resolved, That it is the opinion of this meeting, that a solemn Covenant and Assotiation, should be entered into by the Inhabitants of all the Colonies upon Oath, that they will not after the times which shall be respectively agreed on, at the General Congress, Export any manner of Lumber to the West Indies, nor any of their produce to Great Britain, or sell or dispose of the same, to any person who shall not have entered into the said Covenant & Assotiation; and also, that they will not import or Receive