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Thomas B. Lewis to Pearl Brown Lewis, Letter, November 08, 1944.

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2 gos by brangs [brings] the war that much nearey [nearer] to the ind [end].

Well Mother it is just like I told Stella about Polly she has just about stoped writing. but I would not care so much if it wasent for Jane and I gess that you know how I fell about her. I dintednt want to tell you about it. for that is something that I dont want you to worry abot. but I gess it is just like you say. I have been worring about it. but it is about Jane more then anything els. I have been trying to forget all about it. but it is one of them thongs [things] that cant be forgotting so esey. Well it is like you say. ther is plenty of girls. and it will still be plenty after the war is over. There has been girls writeing to me but I dont care any thong [thing] about them and as you know I dont write much. but it is as I said we dont have very much time to write. and we are held down to two paggers to a letter and that ant verry much is it bot [but] you know all of the mail has to be censored and that takes a lot of time.

Well Mother I will close for this time and I will try to write you more ofton. Gee mom I allmost forgot. I dont know any one over here that knows Blanch Harrison. but I sure would like to run across someone that I know from home When I was at Siapain if I did run acrose Kennys boy I wonted have know him even if I had have knowed him for a lot of times I coulent till one boddy from another for at times we were so dirty that we looked all alike for it was so much dirt and dust flying around. it was perty bad and I gess the pelopol [people] back then dont know what its like in a place like that. Well Mother will have to stop now. untill you here from me again. With all my Love Your Son Thomas P.F.C. Thomas B. Lewis