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Donald S. Shriver, Notice of Separation from U. S. Naval Service, March 23, 1946.

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NOTICE OF SEPARATION FROM U.S. NAVAL SERVICE NAVPERS-553 (Rev.8-450 !. Serial or File no. 2 Name (Last) (First) (Middle) 3. Rate and Class/or Rank and Classification 4. Permanent Address for Mailing Purposes 318394 SHRIVER, Donald Sylvester, Lt.(jg) D,USNR 1201 E. Lake Road Erie, Erie Co., Pa. 5. Place of Separation Officers Separation Center 6. Character of Separation Honorable Released from Active Duty 7, Address from which employment will be sought Same as #4 8. Race W 9. Sex M 10. Marital Status Married 11. U.S. Citizen (Yes or No) Yes 12. Date and Place of Birth 9/22/17 Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio RECORD OF NAVAL SERVICE Sel. Serv. Data 13. Registered [ X ] Yes [ ] No 14. Selective Service Board of Registration #2, Erie Co., Pa. 15. Home Address at Time of Entry into Service 5710 Smithway St., Los Angeles, Calif. 16. Means of Entry (Indicate by Check in Appropriate Box) [ ] Enlisted [ ] Inducted [ X ] Commissioned Date [blank] Date [blank] Date 9/1/43 17. Date of Entry into Active Service 1 Oct. 1943 18. Net Service (for Pay Purposes) (YRS., MOS., DAYS) 2 5 26 19. Place of entry into active service NTSchl. (I) Ithaca, N.Y. 20. Qualifications, Certificates Held, Etc. Officer in Charge | Executive Officer | Commanding Officer 21. Ratings Held Ensign, Lt. (jg) 22. Foreign and/or Sea Service World War II [ X ] YES [ ] NO 23. Service Schools Completed Weeks NTS(I), Ithaca, N.Y. 13 | LCC, ATB, Little Creek, Va. 12 | LSMR, ATB, Little Creek, Va. 28 24. Service (Vessels and Stations Served on) LCC 22668 | USS LSMR 529 PAY & INSURANCE DATA IMPORTANT: If premium is not paid when due or within thirty-one days thereafter, insurance will lapse, make checks or money orders payable to the Treasurer of the U.S. and forward to Collector's Supervision, Veteran's Administration, Washington 25, D.C. 25. Kind of Insurance NSI 26. Effective Month of Allotment Discontinuance Feb. 1946 27. Mo. Next Premium Due Apr. 1946 28. Amount of Premium Due each Month 6.80 29. Intention of veteran to continue ins. Yes 30. Total Payment Upon Discharge $450.41 31. Travel or Mileage Allowance Included in Total Payment $231.33 32. Initial Mustering Out Pay 100.00 33. Name of Disbursing Officer G. W. Dean, Lt. Cdr, SC, USN 34. Remarks Terminal Leave 40 days | Soc. Sec. No. 195-01-2554 No Citations | American Theatre Ribbon | European North African Ribbon 1 star | World War II Victory Ribbon 35. Signature (By Direction of Commanding Officer) H. A. Perkins H. A. Perkins, Lt. Comdr. USNR EMPLOYMENT AND EDUCATIONAL DATA 36. Name and Address of Last Employer Pacific Tube Company | 5710 Smithway, Los Angeles, Calif. 37. Dates of Last Empl'mt. From 5/43 to 9/43 38. Main Civilian Occupation and D.O. T. No. Chemist 39. Job Preference (List Type, Locality and General Area) Chemistr (organic) Penna. 40. Preference of Additional Training (Type of Training) Naval Administration [Stamp: APPLIED FOR WORLD WAR II COMPENSATION] 41. Non-Service Edu. (Yrs. Successfully completed) Gram. 8 | H. S. 4 | Coll. 5 42. Degrees BS 43 Major Course or Field Chemistry 44. Vocational or Trade Courses (Nature and Length of Course) None 45 Right Index Fingerprint [affixed] 46. Off Duty Education Courses Completed None 23 March 1946 [signature] Donald Sylvester Shriver Donald Sylvester Shriver 47. Date of Separation 48, Signature of Person Being Separated If lost, this paper should be mailed to D. S. SHRIVER RT. 1 HOPEWELL, VA. [State College PA]