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Donald S. Shriver to The Chief of Naval Personnel, Memo, April 05, 1946.

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1! 18 394 1101 Zest Lake Aced, 16-3/00 Erie, Pennsylvania 5 April 1946 roar is Lt. (JO Donald Sylvester Shriver, 0,318 394 The Chief of Naval Personnel Com,andant, Fourth Naval District. Subject: Transfer to Regular Navy - Application for. References. ((8 AL11:732=5,g6150: 0::; Enclosure. (A) 5018 Form 7 - Report of Physical Examination. for transfer L.; tT,T.: nffelaTt:t7.114a:rfirn'ZI:1(sVio::1 Olgi!et';:a,Z1p21'.) 2. The followin, informsti,n is submitted. 1 (a Age 28; born 22 September 1917; Toledo, Ohio (b Natural born citizen (c Reported 1 October 1943 to active duty (d Present rank from 1 Januar, 1945, temporary appointment. (g) October 1943 to Februhry 1944 - NTS Ithaca, Nov York -Deck l:c14iiti Larch 1944, ir";i'ali::,1, Charge of Ltu.u! 22668, A.'4.T.B. Salerno, Italy and Invasion of Southern France; October 1944 2.4.0. on PA 26. November and Deceabqr 1944 on temporary duty for transfer to U.S.A. January to i,gust 1945, LS: II training, ATB, Little Creek, Virginia; to November 1945 2.0. of U3S I.Sk (A) 529, to February 1946, C.O. of USS LSk (R) 529; to present/ terminal leave and discharge. (h) Attended no special service schools. (1) :=::n Theater ribton, one engagement star for (3) September 1936 December 1942 attended the Pennsylvania State Col.ege, two years in Forestry and three year. in Chemistry. Received B.S. In Chemistry. (0) January 1943 to ray 1943 - Chemist with Superior Tube Company, Norristown, Pa. May 1943 to October 1943 -Chemist with Pacific Tube Company, Los Angeles, Celina.. nia. 3. I am a Reserve Officer on inactive duty. 4. If found ineligible for commissioned officer rank, I do not desire to be consictred for ccumissioned warrant officer. DONALD S. tl 95 `,_,'