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Emmette A. Brosch to Anna Teresa "Tessie" Brosch, Letter, October 13, 1918.

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so much hope in some way I will be able to return it some day and not many more days from now either Tessie do you ever see Uncle George or Aunt Annie I have wrote him two cards and have received no answer I believe he got niffed at me no getting the rifle from Worley which I should have done and let him have it and in a way I dont blame him either Well I have not received my watch yet I just hate to mention it but I do expect it in a day or so so you see I aint got no kick Tessie it was just grand in you to have made me the gift and I shall all ways keep it for you gave it and it is certainly a thing that a soldier needs dont bother the people too much because they might not like it and you also for I know the trouble it puts you to just at this time. I was standing by the phone when Cecile was talking to Harry last night and i just felt like talking a little to her but I would not but in. Tessie as this about all the news and about as long a letter as I ever write I will close with lots of love to all and a kiss for each one for Lois to and give my best regards to dear old dad I am as Ever Your Big Bro Emmette