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Brother to Isaac Hite, December 14, 1835

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University of Virginia December 14th 1831 Dear Brother, Your letter came to hand in the usual time after having been put in the post office - which must have been some time after it was written if I may be allowed to judge from the difference of dates on the inside and outside of the letter. For I believe the inside was dated the 13th of the month & the out side the 20th Though that might have been a mistake of the printer — or rather a scribygraphical error - (To speak in more appropriate language) — The reason that I took notice of the great disparagement of the dates was this - you recollect I asked you to give me some advice - which you did give & also the best that you could have given - and for which moreover I offer you my warmest thanks - and I mean it to put it into execution as soon as possible. But Isaac ? how in the name of sense could I have hurt Father's feelings by writing to him for money to pay off an honest just debt? I cannot understand - you mention also that I made some assurances to Father, now I don't recollect having made him any assurances at all, unless it was that I would be as economical as possible, & which I can safely say I have done, much to the detriment of my popularity. But I will tell you what I do recollect - I recollect that