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Brother to Isaac Hite, December 14, 1835

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Father assured me that he would not send me any money without the sanction of my patron - now I though[t] father had made this determination merely to keep me from spending money foolishly - and that if he was impressed with the belief that I absolutely wanted it & could explain to him as satisfactoryly [satisfactorily] as the patron that I was in need of the money - That he would send it willingly to me or to the person that I owed - which proposal I made to him — My reason for writing for the money myself was this - I though[t] it was such a little sum that it would be useless to trouble the old Patron with it - and particularly as I explained the case so well - Now Isaac I shall never say another word about this self same matter which has troubled me more than all my chills & fever together - which you must know still stick to me as fast as ever - I having had three now, for three days in succession I have had two or three regularly every fifteen days — since I was first taken at home - and I am getting quite used to them so much so that they seldom prevent me from going to lecture - And never unless they are accompanied with high fever: which sometimes hapens [sic]. I am getting quite fond of cutting negro meat.- And the scent too, which at first was abominable, is becoming by custom escentially [essentially] necessary to whet my apetite [sic] for dinner - and which is still more extrordinary [sic] the scent is becoming exquisite & agreable [sic] —The Medical students here are like devils more than humans; though there are some develish [devilish] fine fellows amongst them