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Brother to Isaac Hite, December 14, 1835

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four in particular; for whom I believe I would die, in order to extricate them from any difficulty, if they should ever be so unfortunate as to fall into any - with them I associate almost exclusively - since I have found that they are really attached to me — And I judge from their circumstances; that they alone out of all my numerous associates last session seem to stick close to me - and to like me instead of my money & frolics — would to god that I had learned things sooner! I have been very discreet so far: But how long my resolutions shall last god only knows: But this much I can promise you Isaac, that father shall not have cause to be angry with me at the end of this session as he did at the end of last (i.e.) If I can help It. It may not have been anger last session (But it appeared to me I saw it in his eye whenever the University was mentioned in his presence) probably it was disappointment in his expectations of me - for I knew from his conversation before I left home that he had greater expectations of me than he ever would realize - Though if I had not acted [missing -illegible] a fool or an idiot rather, I might have affoarded [afforded] (probably) some pleasures instead of disappointment - at least if I had not succeeded I might have the satisfaction of feeling & knowing that I attempted it - But a fool always learns how to act when it is too late — enough of this for my spirits are low enough already without initating [initiating] them more - I should like to spend my christmas with you all - but that is impossable [sic] for many reasons - I am not mistaken when I tell you that Clagget [Clagett] is here studying law - and I shall not forget your message to him, when I become acquainted with him - For it is a difficult matter to become acquainted with him - since he boards out of [from first page] the University - and indeed I have barely seen him but once - I must now conclude as my paper is running short give my love to (Lou?] and kiss [illegible] for me — farewell your attached brother W. M. Hite P.S. Don't show this to every body