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Manuel Jackson to Isaac Hite, October 16, 1847

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Mr. Isaac F Hight [Hite] Dear Sir Birmingham Oct 16 1847 I wish to know or understand from you whether you would be satisfied to let Daniel have his family for one thousand dollars by send [sic] you a Check for the above sum of one thousand dollars. We will give you security for the further sum of two hundred dollars payable in one year which would be the balance or the remaind[er] that is a coming to you for them. The reason why I ask time for the payment of the balance of the money is on account of ill health for some months and no better yet and I have had no less tham [than] five or six [Doc?] Bills to pay which is very hight [high] her [here] I [If] you are satisfied to admit of my proposition you can direct me where to send the Check I can send it to Winchester or Baltimore I wish you to send me an answer as soon as this shall come to hand whether you will or will not except [sic] the Check and the security &c Daniel is well and his wifes letter has been received and he is anxious to see his family My family is all well except myself my bis [best] respects to you and family Manuel Jackson