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R. Blyers to Isaac Hite, June 4, est 1850

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years - Here I am at no expense for boarding &c and by patching, darning &c will make my old clothes do their utmost service one advantage of my present situation is that it affords me a good opportunity for studying my profession which I still design to practise - but perhaps not in this country to where suits will be mainly concerning land upon which subject the law as applicable to the present titles is in a very embarrassed state, there has been in a few years so many changes - the laws being made by persons concerned in land speculations who seem to have been disposed to to [sic] raise as much darkness as possible so that the badness of their claims may not be detected rather than that the subject should be clear - as a frog when he leaps into the water raises as much mud as he can so that you cannot see where he is. Do not imagine that, because I have as long delayed writing, I am getting to be forgetful of you - not a day passes that I do not think of some one of you - at one time imagining myself at the Grove, then at Rockville - or Hughs place or Walker - (illegible-torn) or Cedar Grove - or Woodstock or Danners store - or the pine Hills - or Jacksons Woods - or on Cedar Creek &c - if I am remembered but as well as I remember - there will be a joyful meeting when I return but not without some saddening circumstance for I cannot expect to see all my friends again - in five years, it is but reasonable to expect, that some one of us out of