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R. Blyers to Isaac Hite, June 4, est 1850

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so many will depart ~ In your next letter pray let me know how little Van Davisson comes on - she seems to be deemed my favorite. I need not deny that she is - I have another especial favor to ask of you, it is that you will on sight choke Walker well ~ and keep at it until he promises to write to me - letters to me are still to be directed to Houston - If any books are sent me ~ let them not be Johnsons reports - I have a preference for Virginia law - and who can tell but that I shall practice in some western conties [counties] of Old Va - did I not in one of my letters say that the books were to be sent to Jno Shackelford - Houston care of Hart. Labat & Co N. Orleans - if I did then let them be so sent - if not then do not send them to (illegible-torn) until I have written to Shackelford upon the subject - for now I name that firm from memory - and my memory may have served me a trick - I was glad to learn by C's letter that you have a son - but am almost afraid to allude to that subject - for some time - those things which we most earnestly desire seem to be given only in [illegible-torn) that they may be snatched from us - whilst grinning devils laugh at our misery Give my love to Ned Davn [Davison], & [Ma or?] - and to all my friends- why need I name each one - and to the children Tell Cornelius to write less about politics - and give me more news about the neighborhood — Very affectionately Your friend & brother R B Green