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A. M. Davison to Isaac Hite, May 29, 1850

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My expectation when I become farmer D is to raise a good stock of mules and some cattle - The former I will buy at weaning time for from 20 to 25 Dollars each - by keeping them from two to three years they afford a good profit - the region of Lafayette to which I desire to remove is a hemp Country and almost the whole community is engaged in that business it realizing them a net profit to the hand of $400 some have a year or two back when Hemp commanded $125 pr Ton near $600 draw to the hand — This looks unreasonable but I have no doubt it is true as substantial authority to that effect can be produced —— William is driving ahead over leaps each year a little — the number of acres of ground he is to have ready to cultivate the ensuing year - He reports well and I hope it is so. Thos Smith and myself got up the country - He will have the fidgets - What will I have to pay in Va for first rate negro men 18 to 24 years old dont you think they will be lower in the fall than at present [?] Hemp & Cotton have each declined in the market - And they have always controuled [controlled] the price of negroes —— I made a wonderful good guess when I laughed at old Miss Lou about the hier [heir] that has arrived of late - It was altogeather [sic] guess work for no one had written me one word about her situation - Luck to you Dr Madison Brinker was up the River a few weeks since - I would have been glad to have seen him - we have thus far escaped a return of the Cholera this season - Could my wish be satisfied it would never return to this land — Our Abolitionist Senator Tom Benton will get his merits soon - He is done for at last, Tell Jacqueline I was very much obliged to her for the socks - I hope Lou has again recovered entirely from her late sickness - My Dogtipe [Daguerreotype] is sent in lieu of the one returned, some think it is a good likeness - Its a Pictur[e] any how - [vertically at left] Tell Lou I will write to her some of these days as this must be an answer for both of you at present [from first page] We send much Love and then adieu - if you can have patience to read this through - write often & as much as you please A. M. Davison