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Samuel Brown Records (Day Book), Part 3

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16th A snow this morning about 2 inches and froze last night Wind in the N.W. sun appear'd and shone the greter part of this afternoon, cloudy and snowing this evening but slightly wind N.W. by west at 9 O clock 17 a little cloudy this morning wind nearly west and clear'd up a light snow on the ground this morning and a moderate day not very cold, very clear and starry this evening 18 a little hazy this morning wind S.W. some frost this morning and continued cool but a fine day for the season of the year 19 This morning is cold, win N.W. and a very fine day 20 A fine morning Wind S.W. a moderate day 21 A fine morning wind S.W. This is said to be George Washingtons birthday. This afternoon cloudy and raining about eight O Clock 22 Raining all night and raining & snowing this morning wind N.W. cleard of parted by this evening 23 This is a fine cold morning Wind N.W. ground frozen A little warmer about 10 and about 3 snowing wind continues N.W. and this evening snowing fast and getting colder