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Angel Visit Baptist Church Minutes, 1902-1906, Image 3

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[missing text]and Pastor as Deligates to set in council with of Brock Wicks

on mo by Bro George Gresham that we will here from Standing committee the Report was farley well some of the members sick on mo by Bro M Harris that the Reporte of the Standing Committee be Received the [illegible] Received on Mo by Bro G Pollash the Bro Gus* Harris should come before ch and an[swer] for him self on mo by R Hill mound that we will take up new Buissness on mo by William Harris to Reconcider the case of Bro James [B*n] on mo by Bro T Po*rd that Bro James Robson should come before ch and anser [answer] for him self on mo by Rev A the the [Sugesten] of Bro A Lind*y should be Received and discussed on mo by John Segar that we will [illegible] the old ch on [illegible] day of Feb 1908 [missing text] Bro John Segar [missing text] L R Johnston [end page] [start page] Feb 4 Saurtday [saturday] 1908 Generall ch meating was call to oder at 12 oclock by Rev A G Bundy Sang hymn There is a land of Pure delight after whitch Prayer by Bro Loagan Robson after whitch Sang Humn 856 I was a Warrendon Sheep after whitch Red 3 chpt [chapter] General Epistal of John after whitch Prayer by Bro A cole after whitch sang hymn My Soal [soul] be on the gard after whitch Prayer by Bro H Jones after whitch the Pastor Rose and stated that the meating was opnen [open] for Buisness after whitch on mo by Bro R H Caulthrone that the minutes of the Last meating be Red on mo by Bro Wm Harris that the minuts of Last meating be Received with nessary correction the wer Received on mo by Bro R Hickman that we will here from Sister Lucy Lewise she came forth and explained her Self and as for her Letter to unite with the Trinity Bapt ch on mo by Bro R H Cauthron that Sister Lucy Lewise should have her Letter after setting her Self right with chek on mo by R hickm that we will take up an finish Buisness Br R Hickman Report that