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Angel Visit Baptist Church Minutes, 1902-1906, Image 9

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April [4?] Saturday 1903 General ch meeting was call to order at 12 oclock by Rev [A G Bundy?] Sang Hymn 417 Am [i a soldier?] at the cross after whitch Red 14 chpt first [Corrintain?] after which Prayer by Rev ch Wicks after whitch sang Hymn my soul be on thy gard after which the [medeator?] gave some very incurgen [encouraging] Remarks to the council after Whitch the [pronounce?] meeting was open for business on mo by Bro A [Tale?] that the minutes of last meeting [be?] red on mo by Bro [George Gesham?] that the minutes [minutes] of meeting be received [the wer?] received and adopted on mo by Bro W Harris that we will take up unfinish business on mo by William Harris that the case of Bro [Ellick?] Johnson be continued on mo by Bro John Segar that [we?] will take up the case of Bro Wheeler and Jones on mo by Bro W Harris that we will here [hear] from too Breathren [brethren] weather [whether] the had settled the matter the stated no on mo by Bro William Harris that the ch will look in to the matter and settle the matter be [given?] Bro Wheeler and Bro Jones after whitch the moderator Red apart of 13 cpt of st matthews for instruction first [James?] Wheeler express himself to the council on Regard if the case After which Bro Jones Express him self on the Regard of the case on mo by Bro A Lindsay that the ch will release Bro James Wheeler of the charge he did do on mo by Bro L R Johnson that Bro A Jones should have a little more time to consult over matter on mo by Bro W Harris that the case of [illegible] be [continure?] on mo by Bro Jack Holmes that the case of Bro Jones [gree?] be contin on mo by William [Dawson?] that the report of the committee coming [from?] [illegible] should be received on mo by m harris that the committee be received on mo by Bro R [Hickmand?] that the ch will call Bro [Brow?] to pear before the ch to tell what he [ment?] by saing we was be [hind?]