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Angel Visit Baptist Church Minutes, 1902-1906, Image 15

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that sister IReane Robson is a member of the [Angel?] Visit Bapts ch and she [illegible] by A Linda that she will here from the standing committee an mo by Bro [Cack?] [illegible] that the [will?] Recieve the Report of the standing committee Brother Harris stated that he erred from [illegible] and he ask the ch to Pardon him on mo by Bro R H [Canterson?] that the ch will Reliev Bro Harris on mo by Bro R H [Cantherson ?] that the L. Breathren will be [oderd?] to [Pear?] before the ch to anser for their selvson mo by Bro William Harris that sister Luizar Cole should be excluded from her membership for [immoral?] conduct an mo by R H [Carstron?] that the case of Bro [Chilbick?] can be [illegible] on mo by Bro James Wheeler that sister[fannnil?] Roger be excluded from her membership for immoral conduct on mo by Bro William Harris that she will take up new buissness after which sister [Nanie?] Carter stated that she had erred from the [illebible] of the ch and she asked the ch parden on mo by M Harris that the ch [illegible] ch will Believe sister Nanie Carter of her [erring?] on mo by Bro Rit Cauthron that the ch will send for Bro A. [jones?] to apear be fore the ch and [illegible] for his self on mo by [illegilbe] that the ch will except from sister [Leanor?] [Jones?] [2.50?] and set her free on mo by Bro R. H Cauthron to [ad?] [illegible] short peace by Bro L R Johnson [illegible] Oct [illegible] 1903 Genral ch meating was call to oder at 1 oclock by Rev [Alf?] Bundy sang hymn 328 give me the [wings of faith?] to Rise after whitch Red[ 8?] chpt of [Hebrws?] after which Prayer by Bro Robert Johnson after whitch sang hymn I hope thy kindom Lord after whitch the modrator Rose and Prononce that the meating was opnen for Buisness after whitch on mo by Bro James Wheelr that the minist of last meating be Red an mo by John [iillegilble] that the minut of last meating be received the wer Recievd on mo by Bro A Lindsey to