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Angel Visit Baptist Church Minutes, 1902-1906, Image 19

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Benediction by Bro L R


Jan 4 Saurtaday (sic) 1904 Geaneral ch meating was call to oder at 14 Past 12 aclock by Rev A G Bundy (illegible) Hrzmmls (?) Must Jesus Bare the cross alone. Red the 6 chpt of gallation after whitch Prayer by Bro M Harris after whitch sang Hymn a charge to keep. I hare(?) after whitch the (illegible-two words) -ed that the meating was open for buisness. On mo by M Harris that the minuets of Last (illegible-two words) -ing be Red. (illegible-two words) Red on mo by Rev George G Elshared (?) that the minuets of the last meating be Red (illegible) and adopted on mo by Bro M Harris that we will take up unfinish buis ness on a mo by Bro R H Cauthron that Bro Caleb Abillianis and Bro Herzog Dalbson case be combines on mo by Bro Jack Holms That we will here from committee on the matter of Bro James Wheeler and Bro T Jones on mo by Bro M Harris that the matter be left in

hands of the Same commitee on mo by Bro Jack Holms that we will here from the standing commitee on mo by Bro John Ocagas to Rece ved the Report of standing comittee the (illegible) Recieved and adopted on mo by Bro M Harris that Sister Jessie Thorton be Excluded from her Members ship on mo by Bro R H Cauthron that the ch will here from Bro Abelf(?) Hill ans. after whitch Bro Webb Williams agine(?) forth on mo by Bro Lindsey that we will Receive the charge that has ben Braught against ch by By Bro Williams and bell of haven a Vibeas (?) the ch on mo by Bro RH Cauthron that the case of Bro Abess Williams be contin ieu till next ch meating after whitch Bro Nathan Ackinson came forth and spoke some in our sigar(?) boed(?) by the concil and Bro Stephen Caluson came forth and the chuch in struct him to do better after that of Sister Judy Lee Rose and started (illegible) the concil