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Angel Visit Baptist Church Minutes, 1902-1906, Image 21

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Whilst was Bro Parker [illegible] and he was given a hand of fellowship by Bro A Lindsay on [illegible] by Bro John Segar that we [illegible] here from standing committee and special committee and Special Committee on the matter of Bro James Wheeler and A Jones in [illegible] by [illegible] George Gesham that [illegible] will receive the Report of Spessia Committee on mo by Bro John Segar that the matter of [illegible] James Wheeler A. Jones be [illegible] on mo by Bro L R Johnson that he will take up next B [illegible] on mo by Bro A Lindsay that the applarsation comeing from the Hill star Fountain Havening Surmon on fifth Sunday in May on mo by Bro A Lindsay that the Reform should have a sermon on fifth Sunday in May. After which Sister Vessil Thorton came forth and explane to the ch she had sined and the Lord had forgive her of her sins on mo by Bro L R Johnson that Sister Vessil should be restored back to her membership again on mo Bro George Gresham will send a committee to [wait?] A Liltes was red from Bro Robert West the clerk was Arthis Rise answer his letter on mo by Bro George Gresham that the matter of children sales by continued untell next ch meating on mo by Bro L Johnson that the bill wil adgern sang by [illegible] not all the Blood of Beast Benediction by L R Johnson. Mo set [illegible] [illegible] Janet [illegible] 90 [illegible] genral ct meating was hall to ader at 12 o'clock by Rev AG Bundy sang hym2233 Let Evry Mortal [illegible] 3 chpt [illegible] Prayley on [illegible] mo by Bro John [illegible] at the [illegible] of [meating?] by [illegible] [illegible]

Mo by Bro George Gresham that minuets of last co meeting be received the [illegible] Receivd and adopted after [illegible] it Sister Lacy Dora Madson cam forth