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Angel Visit Baptist Church Minutes, 1902-1906, Image 26

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on mo by Bro H Jones that the (illegible) of Election of Delligates be taken up as if mo by Bro H JOnes that J Willis be Dellegate on mo by Bro William Dalt ton that Bro A Jones be a Dellegate with the Pastor

on mo by Bro Williams that Bro Joh (illegible) be D L(illegible)

on mo by Bro William Dawson that Bro A Jones should be a del igat for the assocation with the Pastor

on mo by Bro A Lindsay that Bro Geo Lesbis Voici be Silinter untoll he gave the ch sadis facly for his conduct Bro J W Lesbis ask Pardon on mo by Bro William Dawson that the ch will except the Pardon of

Bro JW Lesbise on mo by Bro William Harris that Bro A Jones and Bro William Dawson should go down and (underlined) see J Clarkson visit (illegible) a talk with him and make are part on mo by Bro JW Lesbise that the will here the Report of the of all Buil ding fund all that mony that has been called that and has been Paid out on mo by Bro Jasp (illegible) (illegible) A(Illegible) be diction by Rev A G Bundy

June 4 Saurtday 1904 Genrel ch Meating was call to oder at 12 o'clock by Rev A G Bundy Same (Illiegible) 350 come we that love the lord. Red 6 chpt of galla tion after Cornith(?)Prayer by Dacound Wheeler after whitch sang at for a close walk with god after whitch the modrator Rose and stated the MEating was open for Buisness on mo by Bro A Lindsay that the min iets of last meating be