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Angel Visit Baptist Church Minutes, 1902-1906, Image 28

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A Jones and Bro Wills am Dawson should go Down and see Mr Geo Clarktonand have a talk with him and Rep agt the concil on mo by Bro Geo Lewis that (illegible) still here the Report of the new Biulding fund all the mony that has ben callected and Paid out Report was not Ready on mo by Bro Jack Holmes to adjorn Benediction by Rev A G Bundy

July 4 Saurtday 1904 General at meating was call to oder at 1 aclock by Rev A G Bundy sang Hy mnal 422 My sa(?) be on they Red 1 chpt Hebrew after whitch Prayer by Bro L R Johnson after whitch mod rator Rose and stated the meating was open for Buisness an (illegible) by Bro John(illegible) that the minuet of the last meating be Red (illegible-two words) Red on (illegible) by Bro Georg Geshow that the minuets of the last meating be Received the (illegible) Recieved and

NEXT COLUMN adopted after whitch Bro Autry Lebbist came forth and had a talk with (illegible-two words) and acknalidge that he had hun Rong and he dont live Right and the lord had for gave him So on mo by Bro M Harris that they (illegible) will Releav of the charge that she held agane him after whitch Bro Abslom Washington came forth and talk with the ch and acknolidge that he had dun Roning for not attending the ch but he was goeesing(?) to Renzeil(?) his stafts and ask the ch to for gave him for staying away so long (illegible) mo by Bro M Harris that the ch will Releave Bro Washing on mo by Bro Jack Holmes that the (illegible) take up an finish Business in mo by Bro George Gees ham that we will here from the Standing committee in mo by Bro L R Johnson that we will Recieve the Report of the standing com- mittee it was Received and adopted commet E Harris was (illegible) to invite.