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Angel Visit Baptist Church Minutes, 1902-1906, Image 31

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continued on mo by Bro John [sega] that the Hill here [illegible] the standing committee on mo by Bro [illegible] that Wm Hill received the report of standing committee on mo by Bro James Wheeler to take up [illegible] business on mo by Bro H Jones to [adorn?] beneddiction by LR Johnson

Nov 4 saurtday 1904 Journal of meating was call to order at 1 o'clock by Rev [A G Busy] sang Hymn 634 ch those shall rest be faint red the second chpt of Eph can prayer by Bro R H [illegible] after which sang on Jordan [staron?] after which the moderator rose and started the meeting was open for business on mo by Bro [mos?] Harris that the minutes of last [sh?] meeting be the [illegible] read on mo by Bro Jack Holmes that the minutes of last meating be recorded ther [illegible] record on mo by Bro King Grisham that the Hill rise from

Dec 3rd 1934 Oneamo Va Our Deacons & Trusttee meeting was called to order. The pastor Rev W. A. Young presiding prayer by Bro Wm Harris song I am nearer my home the pastor arose and stated that the meeting was open for business. Reading of minutes of the last meting, they were read and adopted. The question was sifted by Bro Wm Harris as to selling us the church on motion by Dr. George Bayton that we will revise that section in the constitution motion carried. By common consent we decided to pay organist $100 for each Sunday in the past (while playing for the church). Motion by Bro Squire Hill that we will have a bazaar at our church 1935 motion by bro Wallis Hill that Sister Maggie Jane be empowered to notify Mr Warren that the church will gladly have them to come down next year [illegible]. Bro A. Y. Harris reccomend that we will out down our cemetery and fix it after which we will hire someone to keep it clean afterward request comming from the usherboard whether the church would except a pool