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Angel Visit Baptist Church Minute Book, 1950-1960, Image 15

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22 Center Cross, Va. Feb. 11-1952 a call meeting was held at the home of Bro. J.L. Long consisting our all of the Deacon broad. Scripture reading Dea Carter Prayer Dea. C.K. Green song Dea. Harry Bayton the meeting was called to order by the Sec" let "[illegible]" for our "[program/programs?]" on the 2nd Sunday nite in march welcome address Dea. Green response "[illegible]" music angel-visit choir a member fro each "[auxilary/auxiliary?]" of the angel-visit church. "[illegible]" solo mrs "[Claire Lindsey?]" solo mrs Millie Lane "[pastor miss "illegible" Highe?]" music by the choir no from the "[illegible]" "[church?]" paper mrs Robentte Young no from union hope time of "[program?]" 730 opening devotion "[illegible]"

Dea. Conference welcome address Dea. Harry Bayton "[devotional?]" by the Dea. Board music by angel visit choir the question of the money in the deacon treasure was discuss pro and con Brother George Hill turns the treasure over to the deacon board. the sum being $3,404 Dea" C.K. Green said that he would except the treas" this met the approval of the body. Dea. George Bayton mention the following names on sick list.

23 mrs "[Leaua Brooks?]" 300 mrs "[Lorn/Lom Brockenlauch?]" 300 mrs "[Carrie Wail/Wall?]" 300 mrs "[Mary W. Bank?]" 300 mes "[Lillie Daudridge?]" 300 mrs "[Emme Johnson?]" 300 mr Jospeh Johnson 300 $21.00

total 34.04 subtract 21.00 left 13.04 m.o. postage 75 $12.29 left in treas Deacon C.K. Green "[illegible]" march 9th 1952 drawer from treasure for Va union the sum of of $5.00 in treas 12.29 mar 9th 1952 Deacon "[programs?]" 1029 $2258 "[illegible]" aug 5.00 from the deacons treasure 17.58 Bal $4409