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Angel Visit Baptist Church Minute Book, 1950-1960, Image 31

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52 Feb" 17th 1954. Our deacons meeting was held on the above named date at the home of Dea. Arthur Harris with deacon Harry Bayton acting as Chairman. The "[minutes?]" of the last meeting was read and adopted. The meeting is now open for new business. the 2nd Sunday nite in march being our annual "[the just on programs?]" welcome address Dea. C.K. Green "[macedona/macedonia?]" good hope response devotional "[macedona/macedonia?]" music by the Sr. Choir of Mt "[illegible]" church hustle sermon Rev. Young in case that hustle choir is absent we will use angel visit choir we will invite all nearby churches with a no from each church a reading mrs Bertha Long, paper "[Patrick?]" Johnson, paper mrs Blanche Harris, paper miss "[Oleatha?]" Clarke Benediction by Rew W.A. Young

53 April 10th 1954 Rev. W.A. Young presiding our council for the march was held on the above date open with prayer De." Paul "[Lompkins?]" reading and adoption of the "[minutes?]" they were read and adopted. Report of field committee Bro George Hill made a "[favorable?]" report. Motion by Dea Arthur Harris to except the same motion carried. The question arose about our revival meeting. Motion by Bro George Hill the we would have revival as usual this year motion carried. Motion by sister Nettie "[Lompkins?]" that we will have our revival on the same basis as usual motion carried. The following persons made remarks on church work, the Secty, mrs Blanche Harris, Rev. Young stated the rest of our young people in our church in order to have a future church =, we also discussed consolidation of churches. It was stated by Sister Blanche Harris that in regards to "[mr Thomas Willis?]" she had wrote Bro Willis but had not received any ans". The question was raised as to our aug" rally on motion by Bro Geo. Hill that "[illegible]" give $5.00 for the men and $3.00 fir the women motion carried. On motion by Dea Harry Bayton to collect the money "[illegible]" our "[auxiliaries?]" motion carried.