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Angel Visit Baptist Church Minute Book, 1950-1960, Image 96

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186 [illegible], Va. Dic. 9, 1967 The final Council meeting of the Angel View Baptist Church met on the above named date with the Pastor Rev. W A Young pres-iding. The meeting was opened with prayer by Dic. Anathony Holmes The minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted. Next reports of committee. The Committee on Election of officers made the following report. The Commitee had met and decided to keep the same [sfate?] of officers for 1968 it was motion by Dic. Long and second by Dic. Tompkins the report [should?] be accepted motion was carried. Report of Commitee of Pastor and of [ficure?] salaries. Pastor Rev W A Young. 5,00 sum 120. year Clerk Mrs. Susie Moody 24.00 [Dracum?] Mr. Wm. B. [Ruchon?] 25.00 and Miss E. M. [Sruchorn?] negociated their salaried [illegible] at the are. Mr. Wm. B [Gruchorn?] and Dic [licli?] Moorby also request this salaried to remain as the they are. It was motion by Miss [Agatha?] clark and second by Mr. Wm [Druhorn?] the report be accepted. It was motion by Dic. Authar Harris and second Mr. [n?] Bayton that the Church [illegible] pay the orgonist Miss [illegible] [illegible] as the organist for the Church. Motion was carried. $2.00 [illegible[ it was motion by Mrs. b [illegible] Long and second by Dic Authar Harris the Church would pay Mrs. Mary E. [Drichom?] three (3.00) month for caring for the white [illegible] and commission motion was carried. It was motion by Dic. Paul Tompkins and second by Miss Clark. The some 187 commite would sponsor a Program for the benfit of raising money for the [Askic?] day as last year. Mr. Nathon Bayton Chariman. IT was motion by Mrs Birtha Long and second by Dic Tompkins we would have and throw rally for year motion was carried. It was motion by Dic. P. Tompkins and second by Miss Clark we would send Mr. [Rakt?] me. [Niif?] 25.00 as wedding gift from the church motion was carried. It was motion by Dic. L [Moorly?] and second by Dic. Lond we would have our [illegible] in Aug. as [woul?].