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Kriegie Memories, Page 19.

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so tickled when they discovered that we had no food. Were not happy when we started evacuating either because they had seen what the German civialians [sic] did to the American airmen if they could get their hands on us. Left is a snap of myself just three days before the U.S. troops liberated us. Below as I am now. Lower left is a picture which has a story behind it. On October 12, 1943 all A.A.F. sergeants were moved to the "new luftwaffe camp at Krems, Austria" from Stalag VIIA, Mooseberg, Germany. With them went three Russian prisoners aided by Albert Schlosser, (one of the finest Americans I have ever known) some of his personal friends and myself. At that time I had never met Schlosser, who was helping the two Russians, Nicholi and Alex. My boy's name was Sergi. Below from left to right front row:– Schlosser, Nicholi. Back row:– Alex, Sergi and myself. A boy named Harold Miller had escaped so Sergi learned my name and number and with an unusual amount of luck we both arrived in XVIIB without the Axis wise to our deception. The story