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William J. Isabell vs. Elisha Peters, etc.: Chancery Cause, Amherst County (Part 1 of 3)

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unsound at the time of the purchase and afterwards died of that disease. Say how far you live from the pltff & what service the negro rendered. Answer. I live about one and a forth of a mile from Isbell; as to the time I saw the negro I do not recollect but I do suppose that Isbell could not have owned the negro long for it was the first time that I saw the negro that I made the inquiry before alluded to I frequently pas[s] by Isbells as he lives on the rode as I pas[s] to town with on carriage or on hors[e] I frequently saw the said negro afterwards and my opinion was uniformly the same the opinion was and still is that the negro was unsound at the time of the purchase and dide [died] of the disease he was labouring under at the time of the purchase. I believe he rendered no service to Isbell at all and never saw him doing any thing. Question by Defendant. Please describe the appearance of the man - state the disease under which he laboured, how long he lived after you saw him, and say if you think his condition must have been apparent to the Plaintiff Isbell at the time of the purchase. Answer. The appearance of the negro man when I first saw him was unhealthy. he naturally was very crooked and had the appearance of being drawn out of proper shape by rumatick Pains. or something of the sort - and also had the appearance of labouring under the serofelo [serofula]. Which appearance continued to the last time I saw the negro. I do not recollect how long he lived after I last saw him, the condition of the negro was apparent to me and should think it must as apparent to me and should think it must as aught to have been to Isbell at the time of his purchase and further this deponant saith not. John Richeson

Campbell County house The forgoing deposition as also the following deposition of Lewis T. Miller was taken subscribed & sworn to before me a Justice of the Peace in the said county at the time & place mentioned in the caption. Given under my hand this 28th March 1835 James Bullock

The deposition of Lewis T. Miller taken at the same time & place with the forgoing deposition of John Richeson to be read in the same cause. The deponant being first duly sworn deposith and saith. Question by the Pltff. Please state of you were acquainted with the negro man Edmund & whether or not as the time of the purchase from Halsey was he unsound & afflicted with serofula or some other permanent disease of which he afterwards died. State the time of the purchase - whether you frequently saw the negro - what service he rendered and when he died. Also state the value of such a negro. Answer. I saw that Negroe [illegible] before I commenced bussiness in Jany - some where about the first of the month. I do not know the time Mr Isbell purchased the negro. when I first saw the negro he was in the cropus shops - he had the appearance of being unsound, and from all appearances I believed the negro have been unable to do any thing, and done nothing whilst I resided there indeed the negro died whilst I [illegible] with Isbell - & in four or five months after I first saw