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William J. Isabell vs. Elisha Peters, etc.: Chancery Cause, Amherst County (Part 1 of 3)

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The negro I do with myself consider the negro Edm. as being worth anything Isbell could not have owned the negro but a very short time before I saw him. Question by Defendant. State how old you supposed the negro Edmund to have been when you first saw him say what was his disease, and whether or not he was very crooked and mishapen, and if his condition and defects must not have been manifest and to Isbell at the time of the purchase? Answer. I supposed the negro Edm [illegible] appearance was about twenty four or twenty five years of age, his appearance had that of the sereafulor disease, the negro was [illegible] [illegible] in the body, he leaned forward very much, his legs I believe to be effected also. he appeared to have no use of them. I am not able to say whether [illegible] worse or were not. Question by same. Please say if Edmund was [illegible] and mishapen and whether or not his defects in that way were perfectly apparent. State also if you are well acquainted with the [illegible] called [illegible] [illegible] and describe it appearance upon Edmund? Answer Edmund was croked and mishapen and in my own estimation I should think it was apparent to all I can say. I am well acquainted with the disease [illegible] [illegible]. I have seen several persons said to have had that disease and from every appearance I considered his disease the scrofula his [illegible] appearance to be [illegible] state and the [illegible] [illegible] about the breast side and the [illegible] part of his neck and his face had a [illegible] arshay appearance. Question by pltff. Say whether or not Edmund was a dead charge in my hand from the time you first saw him until the day of his death. Answer. I think he was and further this deponent siath not. [illegible] J. Miller