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2 The Butler Family in America Thomas Butler, son of James [illegible] (of 1718) of Ireland b. near Dublin 2 Jan d. 1740, m, 1765, Ann Dalyrumble. She was b.12 Nov. 1744. Thomas d. 1832, his wife d. 1836 at home of their son David. Who lived near Roaring Spring, Blair Co. Pa. This Thomas was an iron ferrous man and collier - which was carried on by himself and sons. James, his eldest son - being widely known furnace man of Eastern Penna. Issue: I. James b. 8 Jan 1766, m. Margaret Brown. II. Jean b. 6 June 1767. m. ______ Young. III. Thomas Jr. b } 7 Feby 1769 IV. Polly } 7 Feby 1769

V. Rebecca } twin b. 13 June 1771 ----- m. Jacob & had son Ruddy. VI. Richard } [twin] b. 13 June 1771 m. ------- ------.

VII. Polly date of birth + death unknown. VIII. Ann. b 24 Sept. 1773 IX. Hannah, b. 26 Sept 1775, m. ______Hamilton X. Joseph b. 7 Jan. 1779, m. Esther Green, dau. Joseph Green of Milesburg, Pa. XI. John b. 20 Dec 1781 XII. David b. 14 June 1783 m. Catherine Householder XIII. Margaret b. 19 Aug. 1785, m. Thomas Taylor. In later years Thomas Sr. adopted his son Richard's dau. Elizabeth who was b. 24 Dec 1795 d cir 1860

X William Butler who was b. in Ireland (son of James 1st) "within 2 miles of Dublin " in July 1743. He was a nephew of Thomas Butler the father of the 5 brothers: Richard, William, Thomas, Percival and Edward - all noted in the Rev. War. This William Butler was a pensioner living in Crawford Co, PA in 1818 and who d. near Meadville Pa 4 March 1839. This wifes name was Eleanor issue I James b. Chester Co. Pa. 1770 d. 1835 II William b. " " 1772 d. 1831 New Orleans. III Jean b. " " 1787 d Crawford Co. Pa m. _______ Singer IV Nancy b. Cecil Co. Md. 1790 d m. ______Ross. V Eleanor b. " " 1792 d "on father's farm in Crawford Co. m. _______Stevens VI Sally b. Crawford Co. Pa. 1803 d 1855 VII Mary b. " 1805 d 1844 VIII Catherine b. " 1807 d. 1895

Thomas Butler, a private in Capt. John Buckner's Co. 2d Regt. Pa. of Foot, in Continental troops. Comd by Maj. Wm Williams and lately by Col. Henry Bricker in Rev. War. name on rolls May 1777 - Feb. 1778. Also as private in Capt. John Pattersons Co. 2d Pa Regt. Comd by Col. Walter Stewart in Rev. War. Name on pay roll June to Dec. 1778 [illegible] by F. C. Ainsworth Chief of Records & Pension Office Washington D.C From Pa Arch 5 set. vol IV account of William Butler, Penna pensioner residing Crawford Co Pa. p 517 6th ser. vol IX Jane Butler, widow of William Butler pensioner - [illegible] p. 314 - 412 by Capt Hoffman Co. Pa Vols. William was major of [illegible] living at Chestnut Hill. Phila. War 1812.