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At the court at St James's The 8th of January 1719 Present The Kings most Excellt Majestry ArchBp. of Canterbury Duke of Montrose Earl Coningesby Lord Chancellor Duke of Roxburghe Mr. Secry. Craggs Lord President Marqs. of Annandale Mr. Chancelr. of Exche[quer] Lord Privy Seale Earl of Lincoln Mr Chancelr of ye [illegible] Generall Erle Lord Steward Earl of Sunderland Mr. Hampden Duke of Bolton Earl of Loudon General Wills. [illegible]

Upon reading this day at the Board a Report from the Right Hono:ble the Lords of the Committee [illegible--for?] hearing Appeales from the plantations dated the 2[8?]th of October last, in the words following [Vizt.?] "Their Excellency’s the Lords Justices having been "pleased by order of Councill of the 25th of [Jan?] "last to Referr unto this Comittee a Representa[tion?] "from the Lords Comiss:rs of Trade, relating to "the Removall of William Byrd Esq:r from "the Councill of Virginia in regard to his [long?] "Absence without leave, as the Lieutt. Governor "there hath Represented; And humbly "recommending Peter Beverly Esqr. as a fitt "person to succeed him, in the said Council "as also to Referr unto this Comittee a petition "of the said Mr. Byrd, setting forth his being "many years a member of the Councill in "Virginia, and that about three years ago "He Obtained leave from the Comissrs. of "the Treasury to come to England being [the?] "Receiver Generall of his Majts: Revenue "in that Colony, Which leave was seen & "approved by the Lieutt. Governor there, "and that this Detention here, was occasioned "by severall accidents, and praying his said "absence may be Dispenced with: Their