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[in pencil] (June 11, 1724) To the Honble. Hugh Drysdale Esqr. his Majtys Lieutt. Governour & Commandr. in Chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia &ca That whereas at a General Assembly holden at the Royal Capital at Williamsburgh the 2d. Of Novr. Anno 1720 in the seventh Year of His Majtys. Reign it was Enacted that 500 £ should be placed in the hands of the Honble. Coll Alexr. Spottswood the then Lieut. Governour of this Dominion to be appropriated for the building a Church & Courthouse in the abovesaid County: which Pious and Good Inclination of both the Upper and Lower houses of Assembly hath not as yett answer'd the Intentions of that Act-- First the Honble Coll Alexr. Spottswood has said the foundation of a church at Germans in a place so remote that few or none [obey?] his menial servants ( and they always decreasing) can ever frequent it: and by one clause in the afore recited act. foreign Protestants are exempted for ten years from paying the ministers dues and they being the chief set of the inhabitants in that part of the county (and likewise tenants to the Honble. Coll Alexr. Spottswood) have sent for a minister of their own nation. So that few or none will resort to that place of publick worship. Which is a grievance we humbly hope your honre. will redress. 2dly the Honble. Coll Alexr. Spottswood hath not proceeded to build a court house. But hath fitted a room of his own house for that purpose being placed at the fore recited place is a very great inconvenience to four fifths of the inhabitants of the county and the land for almost eight or ten miles round the said House (except a small quantity in the fork of Rappahannock River) belongs to the Honble. Coll Alexr. Spottswood as may more fully appear to Yr. Honrs. the inconveniences we labour under exceed the bounds of a petition. By reason of the distance of our court creates great delay in our publick affairs. 3dly We are likewise persuaded that the 1000£ given by the said assembly for arms ammunition church and courthouse has not been distributed according to the good intentions of the said assembly. These we complain of as grievances &ce