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the new store goods I have by me at the same terms Item I desire that after paying all my just debts to lay out what money remains in negroes. Item if sne [any] of the children should die their part of the estate to be equally divided among the rest of my children. Item I desire that after the widowhood of my wife that all Estate that is not given should be equally divided among all my children. Item I appoin[t] for my executors my well beloved wife, Niclos Perks and Selsanas Stok. Item I do constitute this my last will and testament this and no other as with my hand and seal this 2nd day of July 1784[.] Hezekiah Pigg (LS) Teste Jno Bailey William Pigg Catron Tunbridge

At a Court held for Pittsylvania County the 21st day of Novr. 1785 This last Will and testament of Hezekeah Pigg deceased was presented in Court by Elizabeth Pigg the Executrix therein named and proved by the oath of two of the Witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of the said executrix who made oath according to Law, Certificate is granted her for obtaining thereof in due form of Law, giving Security, whereupon she together with William Pigg and John [Chattin?] her Securities entered into and acknowledged their bond according to Law and [illegible] is reserved to the other executors named in the sd Will to Join in the probate thereof when they shall think [&c? fit?]. Teste Will Tunstall Clk A Copy Teste Wm Hall D.C