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And at other times return them executed when they have not seen the defendant nor been at his house nor left a copy Your Lordship will see by the certificate on the back of the recommendation that only two out of sixteen justices voted against me but as some others thought proper to enter their descent thereto they may probably endeavour to show that it was a partial one especially as W Maxwell who stands next before James Tremble in the coms. of the peace is left out also but to clear the court of that charge as to W Woods it will be sufictient to refer you to the reasons before mentioned & the charges against the sheriffs every one of which can be made appear if required. and as to Mr. Maxwell the court did not recommend him because he has always refused to Qualify as a magistrate for this county. The bearer Mr. Richard May will wait on your Lordship for the comission if I should be so fortunate as to get a determination in my favour I am my Lord your Lordship’s mo. obt. & Very Humble Sservant Israel Christian October 16th. 1770 B. One of the two sherifs before mentioned lives in another county 50 miles from the office and is great part of his time out of the county. The other lives at a great distance also so that it is almost impossible to get a sherif to execute any precept near the court house except abt. Court Days be the necessity ever so great Israel Christian