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At a court of Oyer and Terminar held for Brunswick County on Monday the third day of June 1772 for the tryal of Juday a negro woman slave belonging to Nathaniel Harrison Esq of Prince George County on suspecion of her faloniously administring poisonous medicines with intention to destroy the family of Lewis Scarbrough of the sd. County of Brunswick The said Juday being led to the bar in custody of the sheriff of this county and it being demanded of her whether she was guilty of the felony aforesaid or not she said she was in no wise guilty thereof, Whereupon divers witnesses were sworn and examined against her and she heard in her own defense on consideration whereof it is the opinion of the court that the said Juday is guilty of the felony aforesaid whereof she stands charged therefore it is ordered that she be hanged by the neck until she be dead, and that the sheriff of this county cause execution thereof to be done on Fryday the twenty sixty day of this instant The court valued the said Juday to fifty pounds current money of Virginia- [and?] she was accordingly executed Copy teste Francis Young D [illegible]