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To the Right Honble the Governr and Counsell of Virginia Richard Whitehead Most humbly sheweth That yor petr. is a faithfull Liege Subject of sd Sovereign Lord the Kinge and hath During the Tyme of his aboade here in this Collony Lived and Continued of good name repute and respect and behavior as well towards his Neighbours as wth other good faithfull and Honoble Psons of this Collony and by all the said Tyme hath beene Esteemed and respected free and cleare from any kind of falsehood fraud [deceipt?] fforgery or any other hurtfull Crime or from the prosuremge [presumage] of any such Like Crimes in any manner whatsoever by reason whereof he hath not only Deservedly had and obtayned the Love favour and good will of all his Neighboures but alsoe by the approbation of worthy and Honoble Psons of this Collony hath beene employed invested wth and put into plases and offises of greate Truth to his Espetyall advantage and Livelihood notwthstandinge James [Fururo?] of the county of New Kent not beinge thereof ignorant but [enjoyinge?] the happy Estate of yor petitionr and wickedly and malitiously intendinge not only to take away [illegible] and Destroy yor Petrs. good name and respecte as aforesaid, but Likewise to beinge and induce yor petitionr into the danger of the paynes and penaltyes by the Lawes and Statutes of his Majestyes Kingdome of England against forgery did on or about the six and twentyeth Day of December last past publish pronounce and wth an audible voice declare [illegible] false and scandalous words to and of yor petr in the prsence and hearinge of divers good and faithfull Subjects to wit that thou [illegible] yor petr art a forged fellow for thou forged a Bill withe name of Samuell [illegible] and set his marke to it [&?] I will prove it by reason of the speakinge of wth false and scandalous words yor petrs good name is much wounded and hee thereby much [prjudised?] Hee therefore humbly prayes that yor Honor would take such Course for the Clearinge of yor petrs reputation agst the said [Fururo?] as in yor grave and wise Judgment shall bee agreeable to Justice. And he shall pray Er [Etcetera]