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And if a peace be made Saponies will not keep it, they say if any one makes peace with them they also make their King a prest and no present has been sent from ye Saponies to them and if a peace be [made?] with ye English it is put in writing It is not ye design of the Govt to let [them?] go without a present they shal have a present for themselves and for every proposition made to their nation they shal have a prest They desire the Govr to withdraw ye English and theyl fight the Saponies [in the ffort?] They promise not to come to the ffort nor among ye English plantacons but if they meet ye Saponies out in ye woods they desire the English may not come to their assistance. Promise not to come neare Christ[ann]a then the great Crook

[in pencil lower right corner] 2 3