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The Virginia Educational Conference Committee of Twenty-Five To Promote Educational Progress President Algar Woolfolk Richmond, VA. Secretrary J. H. Binford Room 812 Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Richmond, VA. State Teachers Assocation Charles G. Maphis, University, Va. Algar Woolfolk, Richmond, Va. E. H. Russell, Fredericksburg, Va. Jos. H. Saunders, Richmond, Va. C. W. Dickinson, Jr., Cartersville, Va.

Co-operative Education Association Mrs. B. B. Munford, Richmond, Va. Thos. S. Wheelwright, RIchmond, Va. J. H. Montgomery, Richmond, Va. Chas. G. Maphis, University, Va. Miss Ella Agnew, Richmond, Va.

School Superintendents Association E. L. Darst, Dublin, Va. W. J. Edmondson, Lodi, Va. W. D. Smith, Gate City, Va. Frank W. Lewis, Morattico, Va. J. A. C. Chandler, Richmond, Va.

Association of School Trustees E.E. Johnson, Culpeper, Va. Eugene Ould, Evingonton, Va. N. C. Davis, Swetnam, Va. John W. Chalkley, Big Stone Gap, Va. M. F. McGhee, Keysville, Va.

Citizens At Large Robt. G. Pennington, Briston, Va. Oscar Shewmake, Surry, Va. S. F. Gilliand, South Boston, Va. Rev. H. D. C. MacLachlan, Richmond, Va. L. H. Jenkins, Richmond, Va.

Richmond, VA January 8th, 1916 Mrs. B. B. Munford, 503 E. Grace Street, Richmond, VA Dear Mrs. Munford: The General Assembly convenes next Wednesday and the members will be leaving for Richmond in the next few days. I regret very much that, owing to a delay in getting our printed folder, the members of the legislature have not as yet been acquainted with the measures we favor. We hope you will see some of the representatives from your immediate section before they leave home and urge them to stand for larger appropriations, a statewide compulsory education law and the other measures favored by our committee. There is no doubt but what the greatest educational needs of the state are more money for the common schools and a good compulsory attendance law. A few words from you will help the cause along. Your very truly, J. H. Binford w.