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Richmond, Va., April 21, 1916. Mr, Chas. G. Maphis, University Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. My dear Mr. Maphis: Thank you for your cordial letter of March 9th which was very gratifying to me. I should have acknowledged the same earlier, but it has been absolutely impossible for me to catch up with the time and strength at my disposal. We did make a good fight and I am hoping with you that in 1918 you will be able to throw yourself more fully into this work. We all understood the circumstances which surrounded you this year, but it did seem unfortunate that the University has, as a matter of fact, given us assistance with reference to the Bill then they had done in either of the three previous sessions. It produced, I know, a feeling among many people that the University and Dr. Alderman were really not in sympathy with the Co-ordinate College cause. However, we must do better and win next time. I was interested in the Community Bank in Charlottesville and hope that some good work which will be helpful to the College was done at that time. Several people have suggested that it would be well for me to make a talk at the summer school this year with reference to this college. I would like your judgment in this matter. If it were planned to do this it would be necessary for me to have some time and place arranged which would give me an opportunity to secure a wide attendance from the teachers from Virginia for the discussion of this matter. The date would have to be practically at the very beginning of the summer school owing to the fact that I always leave Virginia by July 1st, and if it were planned for me to make this talk would have to be detained for a few days also in order to do so, but I could not make my arrangements to be here much after the 1st of July. I would be glad to hear from you in regard to the above and thank you for your cordial letter. With regards to Mrs. Maphis and yourself, I am Sincerely yours, M.H