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the trade of Fann mill making, and the said Master shall procure and provide for him the said apprentice, sufficient meat, drink, apparel, washing and lodging, fitting for an apprentice during the said term, at the expiration of said term the Master hereby binds himself to discharge said apprentice well cloathed, and in consideration of his services, he also binds himself to give him the said apprentice twelve Spanish mill'd dollars. And for the true performance of all and every the said covenants and agreements, either of the said parties bind themselves unto the other by these presents. In Witness whereof they have interchangeably put their hands and seals this fourth day of June one thousand eight hundred & Six[.] Asa Bishop (Seal) Jos Harding (Seal) Tho Lorain (Seal) William Pace (Seal) Joseph Dillworth (Seal) Signed Seal[e]d & deliv'd in presence of } Thomas Emond [and] Moses Jefferys