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September 30, 1916 My dear Mrs. Lewis; - Your telegram received and I have sent the literature to you in Lynchburg for the Fair, and also a package to you in Mrs. Hunter's care at Appomattox and hope both will reach you all right. I am in just a peck of trouble to_day and feel that our schedule is terribly broken up. Mrs. Scott writes that the auditorium at Burkeville is not finished and that there is no way of lighting it so she will have to call that meeting off for Monday night. Why she did not know this when she wrote saying that she would be delighted to have you and would attend to all the arrangements, I cannot imagine. We have never been able to get a word from Mrs. Bailey at Keysville so will have to call that off too. Chase City is too far away when Burkeville and Keysville are out of the running, so that leaves us with Drakes Branch on the 6th, Charlotte C.H. on the 7th, in both of which places arrangements are being made all right by local suffragists. My friend at Drakes says she will see that you are taken to the court house (Charlotte) for the meeting there on the night of the 7th and that if you do not object to traveling on Sunday, she will take you to Lunenburg Courthouse on Sunday the 8th so that you will be there for Court on Monday, the 9th. Mrs. Valentine left yesterday for Gloucester to fill an engagement made some time ago. I fear she was hardly strong enough to take such a tiresome trip as she will not get to her destination until sometime this afternoon, but then she will have tomorrow to rest before speaking on Monday, so I have not been able to consult her at all, except when I told her about the itinerary as originally planned. Since writing the above have received a telegram from Mrs. Geo. B.Barrow, Clarksville, asking if you could come there on the 5th from Chase City. If you think it best to accept this invitation, it would be all right to go to Chase City for the 4th as it is a county fair celebration and the suffragists are having a booth there and would be glad to have y you speak I know; then it would be easy to go to Clarksville for the next night, but how you would get from Clarksville to Drakes in time for the night of the 6th, unless Mrs. Barrow could have you motored to Drakes it hardly seems feasible. However do what you think best and please let me hear from you just as soon as you get this, so I will know what further to do. Cordially,