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February 9, 1917 Mrs. John H. Lewis, Lynchburg, Va. My dear Cousin Lizzie;- I am enclosing copy of the letter and program sent to me by Mrs. Catt, yesterday, which explains itself. Unhappily, I cannot attend this important meeting of the Council. I sincerely trust that you can, and I am writing to Mrs. Stephen Putney, who is in Baltimore for the winter, to ask if she could not attend the meetings also. Please let me hear at once whether you will attend. If it is a question of expense, and doubtless it will be, the State League will appropriate a sufficient amount to cover it. I have telegrams from all out-of-town members of the State Board, endorsing the action of the Richmond League as per enclosed resolution, with the exception of Mrs. W. T. Yancey, who did not reply. Possibly she may be away from home. Ben and I leave for Florida, Wednesday the 14th of February, will be in Daytona, Hotel Bennett, for possibly a month. I am sorry to say that I see very little change in his condition after our three weeks at the Johns Hopkins, but hope that the longer rest will prove beneficial. Mrs. Bosher, our first vice-president, will act for me in the Richmond League during my absence, and I am hoping that you can take my place in Washington, February 23-25. If you are going, I would advise you to communicate at once with Miss Ruth White, 1626 Rhode Island Ave., as to what accommodations you wish. Ellen Robinson is in Washington and since I come to think about it, perhaps would be better than Mrs. Putney for our second member of the Council. Write me what you think, and I will wait before writing Mrs. Putney, who is a trifle uncertain in her movements. There is also a possibility of getting Mrs. Bosher to go and thereby putting her more in touch with the National organization. Affectionately yours, (Lila Meade Valentine)