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EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA AFFILIATED WITH NATIONAL AMERICAN WOMAN SUFFRAGE ASSOCIATION VICE-PRESIDENTS MRS. JOHN H. LEWIS, LYNCHBURG, VA. MRS. J. H. WHITNER. R D. 3. ROANOKE, VA. MRS. C. E. TOWNSEND. NORFOLK, VA. MRS. C. E. TOWNSEND. NORFOLK, VA. MRS CHARLES G. BOSHER, RICHMOND VA. MRS ROBERT T. BARTON, WINCHESTER VA. MRS. FAITH W. MORGAN, HAMPTON, VA PRESIDENT MRS. B.B VALENTINE, RICHMOND, VA. CHAIRMAN, STATE ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE, MRS JOHN H. LEWIS, LYNCHBURG VA. CHAIRMAN, LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE MISS ADELE CLARK, RICHMOND VA.CHAIRMAN, ENROLLMENT COMMITTEE MRS, FRANK L JOBSON, RICHMOND VA. CHAIRMAN, POLITICAL STUDY AND RESEARCH MRS. G. HARVEY CLARKE, RICHMOND, VA. STATE HEADQUARTERS 100 NORTH 4TH STREET, RICHMOND VA RECORDING SECRETARY MISS LUCINDA LEE TERRY, ROANOKE, VA. EXECUTIVE AND PRESS SECRETARY MRS. EDITH CLARK COWLES, RICHMOND, VA. HEADQUARTERS' SECRETARY MISS IDA M. THOMPSON, RICHMOND,VA. TREASURER MRS E.G. KIDD, RICHMOND, VA. AUDITOR MRS. S. M. BLOCK, RICHMOND, VA. STATE HEADQUARTERS 100 NORTH 4TH STREET, RICHMOND, VA. Jan. 1- 1920- Hampton Dearest Mrs Valentine- Thank you for your letter very much indeed. I have just written to Miss Mildred Orr 105 Marshall Street, Petersburg in case Miss Annie V. Mann sent the original 1 page with the copies to her. Miss Orr was barely a suffragist but so much more earnest than most & anxious to lead & learn, that I thought the copies might as well go to her as Mrs. Roper also had a copy. She had agreed to receive them. Edith Wharton in her last book on French women, says that American women do not seem grown up! (I tactfully introduced that item in my letter to Miss Orr) I wrote the Hotel Gleason, Charlottesville for room for Monday night & will go directly through from here. I wrote to Headquarters to tell this already. Mrs. Kate Wise is away & Miss Lewis working every day, so I could not have