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[letterhead] Leslie Woman Suffrage Commission, Inc. Carrie Chapman Catt, President Bureau of Suffrage Education Rose Young, Director Departments Field Press Work Rose Lawless Geyer, Chairman News Marjorie Shuler, Chairman Magazine Department The Woman Citizen Departments Features Mary Ogden White, Chairman Research Mary Sumner Boyd, Chairman Telephone: 4818 Murray Hill [insignia] 481 171 Madison Avenue New York, [Letterhead]

April 23, 1920 Mrs. Lila Mead Valentine, President, Equal Suffrage League, 100 N. Fourth St. Richmond, Va. My dear Mrs. Valentine:- I have not heard from you in reply to my memorandum on the first set of child welfare maps, but I am hopefully sending along a second set. I know that the maps, especially the first sheet, may involve a good deal of work, but I should be very much obliged if you would let me know that the two sets have reached you and the work is progressing. I also need the information about officers, constitution and literature of the state league. If the league is not yet organized, please let me know, and keep it in mind to send the information as soon as it is. I regret that I have to burden you with these enquiries, and would suggest that you make a temporary appointment to my committee, even if you have not yet found just the right person for a permanent member and even indeed if your league is not yet organized. Please address me at 918 Munsey Bldg., Washington, D.C. Yours very sincerely, MS Boyd MSB-H P.S. Through an error of the printer's the map spread referred to in the memorandum will be delayed for a few days Enclosure