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MRS. JESSIE E. TOWNSEND, PRESIDENT MRS. W. E. BOGHOFF, SEC MRS. C. A. CHANDLER, TREAS. MRS. H. L. BRITTON, AUD. MRS. C. B. UTLEY, COR, SEC'Y. 1ST VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. H. E. PAGE 2ND VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. M. J. OBER 3RD VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. J. L. WELLER DIRECTORS MRS. H. C. KEISTER MRS. FRAZIER J. WILSON MRS. L. L. NEWBY NORFOLK BRANCH Virginia League of Women Voters AFFILIATED WITH THE NATIONAL LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS NORFOLK, VA. Mr. David Pender President of Kiwanis Club I24 Randolph st. Norfolk Va. My Dear Mr. Pender;- Finding the League of Women Voters is generally classed in the public mind under the head of politics, may I explain the nature of our organization and ask your assistance in setting us straight in the classification of city clubs. We are organized for the sole purpose of study of citizenship and promotion of efficiency in governmentand international Peace;therefore we are educational and patriotic but certainly not political in the common use of the word, for our constitution forbids alliance with any party or endorsement of any candidates. It forbids the president and officer of a league holding any political office during her term of officein the league;but any member is free tojoin the party of her choice and work the advancement of her party primciples. The idea is education for pure Democracy of the highest order. When suffrage was given women, those who had a high valuation of democracy realized as Jefferson did, the need of wide-spread education and direction of intelligence: and whenever the FEAR of interfearance in politics on the one hand, and the FEAR of contamination with it on the other, has been eliminated in the publickmind, the League of Women Voters will stand forth as the wisest and most beneficent method of civic betterment. We have worked so quietly these eight years that many have not realized what we have done. However Governor Byrd, Mr. Frank Bane,