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Mrs. M. L. MOFFET, PRESIDENT HERNDON, VIRGINIA MRS. L. C. MATTHEWS, SECRETARY BOX 669 NORFOLK, VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA SUMMER SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UNIVERSITY, VA. The Treasurer reported as follows: Balance in treasury at the last meeting, $8.58; received since that time :* dues 1.50; donation, 30 cents ; commission on sale of aluminum ware, $2.34; total in treasury at present--$12.72. Two new paying members were reported. Mrs. Freeman announced that she had with her membership cards for the Florence Crittenden Home Association and re-quested those present to take the cards and assist in the work. Miss Wicker brought up the matter of the new High School and various plans now under consideration in the school board and about to go to the City Council, and asked the members to think the matter over and as mothers and Norfolkians, to take some interest in the question. Upon motion, Miss Wicker was given the remainder of the time for the meeting to discuss the matter. As some of the members were unfamiliar with the several plans suggested, Miss Wicker was asked to outline them briefly, which she did, carefully refraining from expressing any preference. Mrs. Couper and Mrs. Matthews spoke briefly pointing out the good points in Mr. Spence's report. Mrs. Adams moved that Mr. Spence be invited to come before the league on the 22nd and discuss this subject. The motion was carried. Someone suggested that it would be fairer to ask some member of the Board to present the other plans at the same time, but no action was taken. The League then adjourned tothe regular time and place of meeting. Sadie Sandridge Matthews, Secretary pro tem. Dear Mrs. Green,--