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[handwritten mathematics in top left hand corne]r $20626 8363.83 3416.85 11,779. [ number in right top margin] 190 155 BUDGET FOR 1914 [First Column] LITERATURE PRESS GENERA ORGANIZATION WORK FIELD SECRETARY TOTAL [Second Column] RENT $1,200 600.00 2,000.00 3,800.00 [Third Column] SALARIES $5,178.00 (Six People) 3,058.00 (Three People) 5,568.00 (Four People) 1,200.00 (One Person) 15,004.00 [Fourth Column] ROUTINE EXPENSES (Including Printing) $15,000.00 1,200.00 6,000.00 1,000.00 23,200.00 [Fifth Column] TOTAL $21,378.00 4,858.00 13,568.00 2,200.00 42,004.00 NOTE - If the proposed plan for incorporating the literature department is adopted and a sufficient amount of stock is paid in and pledged, the entire literature budget can be deducted from the total budget, which thereby will be reduced to $20.626.00. NOTE-In estimating the various salaries, the services of certain people are divided between two departments. NOTE-The routine expenses including printing, which means not only the literature and office printing, but an allowance of $1,000.00 which is made for printing a monthly statement to some 10,000 active members of the Association, showing the new publications, reporting the progress of the work, giving bits of helpful information for workers, the treasurer's monthly statement, etc. NOTE-This budget plans for a partial reorganization of the work of the office staff, the most important part of which is devoting the time of one person exclusively to the securing and editing of data which will be used by the Press department, the Literature department and the officers. This is a practical economy and a saving of labor. NOTE- The budget provides for the service of four more people than were included in the budget presented to last year's Convention, and at an increase of only $1,324.00 over last year's budget, which is an increase of only $2,652.34 over this year's actual payroll. Two of these salaries are for a business manager and stenographer for the Literature department. NOTE-If the Convention accepts the proposed new constitution, and the plan for incorporating the publishing department is carried out, the amount to be raised by assessing the affiliated societies, beyond the amount secured by the regular ten cents per capita dues, will be only about $15,626.00, which in comparison with the budgets of some of the state associations is exceedingly small. In this case all money pledged at the Convention can be used for direct help to the Campaign states, providing for a traveling school for suffrage workers, and any additional special work which may be needed. [handwritten number in left hand margin] 20 11 9845.80 20 11 dues