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Members of E. S. League, Richmond Equal Suffrage League of Virginia. I, the undersigned, believe that the Vote should be given to the Women of Virginia on equal terms with Men. (I have not signed a similar statement.) Women Name Copy Address 1. Mrs. C. Picot 802 Chamberlayne 2. Miss M. E. Pierce 212 W. Main 3. Mrs. R. W. Pollard 2605 Stuart Av 4. Mrs. J. G. Pollard Gresham Ct. 5. Mrs. W. F. Pumphrey 515 Brook Rd. 6. Mrs. E. Quinby 801-3 Av. 7. Mrs. A. Palmer 1700 Park Av. 8. Mrs. K. Ramsey 1302 W. Clay 9. Mrs. L. H. Reade 411 Brook rd. 10. Mrs. Ready 1324-4 Av. 11. Mrs. P. Redd 1414-4 Av. 12. Miss L. Ragland 114 N. Harvey 13. Miss E. R. Preston 515 W. Franklin 14. Mrs. J. J. Redmond 408 W. Main 15. Miss A. L. Reinhardt 12 E. Grace 16. Mrs. J. A. Reynolds 1009 Barton av 17. Mrs. R. F. Reynolds 1417-3d av 18. Mrs. V. Reynolds 1509 West av. 19. Mrs. W. W. Rhea 100 W. Grace 20. Mrs. A. L. Richardson 1009 Barton av 21. Mrs. G. W. Richardson Barton Hgts 22. Mrs. A. W. Richards 2224 Park av. 23 Mrs. R. R. Richevson 11 W. Marshall 24. Mrs. J. P. Richardson Brookland Pk 25. Mrs. H. C. Robelen 1206-3d av. I hereby certify that these signatures are genuine. Name Address When filled and signed, please return this list to Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Headquarters, 100 North Fourth Street Richmond, Virginia. (Please keep a copy of this list on file at your local league.)