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[prepreinted on top of page] Print the complete address in plain block letters in the panel below and [illegible] provided. Use typewriter, dark ink, or pencil. Write plainly. Very small writing is not suitable.

No. ________ [Empty space] (CENSOR'S STAMP)

To Mrs Cecil Smith Toms Brook Virginia

From T/5 B.L. Hottle 33537154 (Sender's name) Btry C. 99th F.A.Bn. (Sender's address) APO 201 c/o PM San Francisco, April 24, '44 (Date)

Dear KaKa and all -- We haven't gotten any more mail yet and you know how hard it is to keep writing when you don't get any. I know that you, and a lot of the others have been writing to me, so I'll continue to do the same, and, hope for a big mail call soon. I've been going swimming just about every afternoon and it's really great -- getting a good tan too. Also been going to church every Sun. In fact -- nearly every-body goes -- good boys. We had our first movie here last nite "True to Life" -- it's really good and my morale jumped up like the devil. I guess Mother took it pretty hard when Ralph was shipped over. I was hoping they wouldn't take him, but I'm sure he'll come thru O.K. and probably get home before I do. Has Cecil gone yet? Love to you all Billy