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Equal Suffrage League of Norfolk MRS. CHAS. E. TOWNSEND, PRESIDENT, 245 W. FREEMASON STREET NORFOLK, VIRGINIA 1ST VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. W. J. ADAMS 601 COLONIAL AVENUE 2ND VICE PRESIDENT MRS. G.L.P. STONE U.S.S. RICHMOND, NAVY YARD REC. SEC'Y MRS. L. C. MATHEWS 146 9TH STREET COR. SEC'Y MISS KATHERINE WICKER 345 DUKE STREET TREAS. MISS FANNIE L. GOLDSMITH 704 WESTOVER AVENUE ASS'T TREAS. MRS. M. A. HARTIGAN, JR. 16 STRATFORD APARTMENTS HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS: MISS ELLEN DUVAL MRS. BARTON MYERS MRS. CAREY WESTON until all the ladies wanted it, they must vote with the majority. We had only 4000 signed members in the state. 400 in Norfolk! Patrick Henry had no greater proportion of sympathizers with him when he said his immortal "but as for me." In the very early fall the Finance committee have planned a campaign to raise funds to open permanent Headquarters and employ a paid secretary. Also to run a Woman's Exchange at the Headquarters. It is hoped that loyal suffragists will come forward, as they do in other cities with liberal contributions to this end. The regular weekly Friday meetings will be continued from the first friday in October. N.B. As Aug. 15th has been set aside by the National President for Lucy Stone, or, Sacrifice, Day, the Norfolk League will celebrate the day by selling the Woman's Journal and home made sandwiches and pies. On Friday, the day previous, the regular monthly meeting will be held in Lee Park at five o'clock. At this meeting it is expected every loyal suffragist will bring, or send by another, her contribution of jewels, trinkets, souvenirs etc., being gathered together all over this country to swell the fund for the winning of the seven states for suffrage next November.